July 20, 2024

Nomination for Featured Interview

Thank you for your interest in nominating an unsung hero for a Tech Culture Feature! Please review the following guidelines before submitting your nomination.

1 – We are looking for the underdogs who create positive change in their communities in any such way, which creates a net positive impact. As such, each nominee must be able to demonstrate he or she is creating this impact in some measurable way. We review each nominee, and while we understand the term “unsung hero” can be subjective, this is not a platform for blatant advertisements or self grandeur. While you can certainly nominate yourself, ask yourself: “Is what I am doing changing the lives of my customers or community in an impactful and positive way?”

2 – The key here is “underdog” and “unsung hero.” As such, please only nominate individuals who are not widely known beyond their niche communities. A good field test for this is whether they have a Wikipedia page. If they do, chances are they do not meet our definition. 

3 – Pay the application fee of $34.99. While we would love to be able to acknowledge all those who deserve recognition, we must charge this fee for two reasons. First, it limits submissions to only those who are serious about submitting. Second, we do thorough research on each submission, and even more so when we accept a nominee. This process involves drafting questions, measuring impact, and gathering facts. If we do not end up selecting your nominee, your application fee will be fully refunded. Read more about the application fee and eligibility for fee waivers here.

If you acknowledge the above, along with the fee terms, please fill out the application below. We look forward to learning more about your candidate!