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Three Tips from ALGEDRA CEO on How to Overcome Market Challenges and Survive in Declining Economy

Market challenges are expected with every business, and they must be adequately prepared for before they hit. Nonetheless, you can still encounter some challenges that are beyond what you might have predicted at the start of the year, challenges that can affect your returns. What keeps your business going strong while declining economy is your knowledge on how to overcome market challenges.

Dynamic CEO of Algedra Group Mohab Ayoub shares his insides for overcoming challenges while declining market:

The first thing to have at the back of your mind is not to panic. Even though challenges can be saddening and can appear to have daunting consequences, sometimes, you need to maintain your calm to handle it properly. Breathe, put your boss pants on and let’s begin.

Here are three things you can do to overcome market challenges when the market is in decline that I apply effectively in operating Algedra

Create awareness: The market is down, and many companies tend to focus on pushing out more products or services to their customer base. They are thinking of a way to convince customers to patronize them, but they often overlook a great opportunity to educate the public. Sometimes the problem isn’t that customers have forgotten that you exist; the problem is that they don’t recognize a need for what you are producing.

Creating awareness goes beyond advertising; it is educating. It helps you tap into a new market and to educate consumer on the value of your products or services. In declining economy lies an opportunity to create awareness and give your business a chance to survive.

Social media: You know how the face of business gradually changed from posters, cards, billboards to websites, etc. Now businesses are experiencing a social media storm, and it is moving at a speed faster than any prior business change. Social media can save your business if you pay attention to this trend. It provides opportunities for marketing, customer relationship, and branding.

Go for creative staffing: many companies take the first way out when you mention staffing especially in the face of a market challenge, but statistics show that medium and large businesses look at staffing to solve such pitfalls. This is not saying you should go right out and hire a handful of new staff. Neither is it saying you should start letting anyone go. What this is saying is that you should consider creative hiring.

Instead of just looking at qualifications and skills, look for talent. Look within your staff, look for new creative staff, look for creativity. Look for minds that can change the face of how you do your business, make it more fun and unique.

Algedra is an international company operating in a field of Interior design; however, these three steps will work regardless of what industry your business belongs to, and the idea is to create a dialogue with your customers and be exciting. You can apply all of these while you review your cash flow, operational costs, and so on. The steps do not hinder technical approaches to handling difficulties in business; instead, they make you a thinking leader and make your business the one that stands the test of time.

Mohab Ayoub
Managing director at Algedra